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Foto: ELS production

The materials are only be used for marketing of Langeland, Strynø, Siø and the Archipelago as a travel destination

To access the material you must read the terms of usage

VisitLangeland har et stort udvalg af billeder og video, som udelukkende må benyttes til markedsføring og promovering af Langeland, Strynø og Siø som feriedestination, mod kreditering af fotografens navn og VisitLangeland. Materialet må ikke bruges kommercielt på produkter der sælges med henblik på fortjeneste eksempelvis plakater, nøgleringe, postkort m.v.

Guidelines for brug af billeder fra VisitLangeland

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Conditions of use of material from VisitLangeland media center

The following conditions apply when using material from VisitLangeland media center:

We hereby grant a gratuitous non-exclusive right of use for the material.

The material may only be used in connection with the promotion of Langeland, Strynø and Siø as a visit destination, including promotion in all written media, Danish as well as foreign (e.g. advertisements, brochures, magazines, news- papers), in all electronic and digital media and on the Internet.

The right of use for the material of VisitLangeland media center may not be transferred to a third party.

The material may only be cropped and adjusted with due regard to the photographer’s copyright as laid down in section 3 of the Danish Copyright Act.

Basically, the photographer’s name shall always be stated against the material used (or in the colophon).

The material may not be used in an offensive way or in an offensive context. By way of example, it is considered offensive if a photo appears with products sold with a view of profit (i.a. posters, postcards, maps, games, key rings and the like).

If the material includes depictions of works of art or other copyright protected works, the written consent for the use of the photo material shall be obtained from the artist or other copyright holders.

Should the conditions contained herewith not be observed, Langeland Kommune (owner of VisitLangeland media center) or Destination Fyn (owner of Visitfyn media center) shall have every authority to claim breach of agreement

- including a claim for damages - and following a written demand, the right of use for the images will be cancelled with immediate effect.

Langeland Kommune or Destination Fyn may claim its rights at any time, and on a reasonable notice - also in cases where no breach of agreement or offence has occurred - Langeland Kommune or Destination Fyn may cancel the right of use, and in such cases Langeland Kommune or Destination Fyn shall not be held responsible for any claims.

Langeland Kommune and Destination Fyn reserves the right to transfer any claims asserted against Langeland Kommune / Destination Fyn by one or more photographers, based on non-observance of the conditions contained herewith, including violation of the copyright held by one or more photographers.

Any disputes concerning the interpretation of the terms and conditions contained herewith shall be settled in accordance with the laws of Denmark, venue being the Maritime and Commercial Court in Copenhagen.

The right of use for the material is granted on the condition that the terms and conditions outlined above are accepted.

VisitLangeland (Langeland Kommune)

Destination Fyn

May 2024