A historic Castle Town


A historic Castle Town

The Village at Tranekær Castle

The Castle town Tranekær is unique in Denmark, because Count Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (1760-1832) wanted a town that resembled a German princely state. He built several buildings and brought in foreign craftsmen and civil servants to the town. Many of the houses were named after who occupied them or what they were used for. Therefore you can find houses named: The Sugar Mill, The Musician Houses, The Banquet Master’s House, The Henhouse, The Saddler House and the Asylum, which was a kindergarten for children of the Estate’s employees (closed in 1953). You can still see these protected buildings of which most are privately owned today.
In the western part of Tranekær lies the church built in 1450. It is in Gothic style and yellow washed and massively rebuilt in 1804 and 1886. In the south end of the cemetery lies the burial chapel of the county Ahlefeldt. The burial chapel, built in 1670, is made of marble and sandstone and has an iron gate in front of it. Until 1942 the church was owned by the castle.

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