Segway Langeland

5 minutes of practice and you are good to go. It is surprising how easy it is to learn how to drive this two-wheeled vehicle. Helmets on, the radio sets turned on and after an instruction you are on your way. There is something special about riding this, slightly future-like, electrical powered vehicle, which moves almost soundless.
The tour, which lasts about an hour, is driven on the small back ways, forest paths and maybe a short trip on the beach. It is a different way to experience the nature on Langeland up close and hear the local histories from the area.
As a “warning”, it should be mentioned, that riding a Segway is highly addictive and you catch yourself thinking, “I have to get one of these”. Everybody from 12 years and up can participate in tours driven on public roads. Children and teenagers under the age of 12, as well as everyone, who just wants a party, can try their skills riding Segways on the 17.000 square metres course. It is recommended that children are at minimum 115 cm. 

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Segway Langeland

Sønderskovvej 2
5953 Tranekær
Tel. +45 30 35 49 29