The Langelandsfort

Come close to the cold war on Langelandsfortet

How big is the toilet in a submarine? How did the spies operate during the cold war? How high was the Berlin Wall? And were there really plans to drop a nuclear bomb on Langeland if the cold war had gone warm? Find the answers on Koldkrigsmuseum Langelandsfort, where you can go aboard one of the last active Danish submarines “Springeren”, come close to the spies or shudder with the idea of the threat of the nuclear war in the forts’ new exhibitions. As the only museum in Scandinavia, the cold war museum has an entire section of the original Berlin Wall on display, which until 1989 stood on Potsdamer Platz.

Langelandsfortet was built in 1952-53 and has since 1997 functioned as a museum. Today it is possible to come close to the fort’s four 150 mm canons, walk onboard the Danish mine sweeper “Askø” or look inside the cockpit of one of the legendary Russian produced MiG-23 jets. Explore in addition the ammunition- and canon bunkers, which houses new exhibitions about the military threat to Denmark, the propaganda during the cold war and the civil contingency. For instance you can see the emergency studio in a secure bunker from where Danmarks Radio would have transmitted had the Third World War erupted...
During the season the fort invites their small guests to special Kids’ Days and in July and August guided tours are offered in Danish or German, which are free once the entry is paid.

Kids’ Days: Every Tuesday in the danish schools’ summer holidays plus Tuesday and Thursday in the autumn holiday (The fee is 20 DKK).
Free guided tours in Danish: Every Wednesday and Thursday in July at 14-15.30. Free guided tours in German: Every Wednesday in August at 14-15.30.

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