Green Energy

The energy on Langeland is green

Langeland is known for its beautiful nature, but what most might not know is that the energy on Langeland also is green. The many windmills and PV systems annually produce so much green electricity, that more than 35% of it can be exported. Over 4000 households on Langeland are connected to one of the island’s district heating facilities which are all fuelled by green raw materials such as straw, woodchips and sunrays. Many private households have invested in solar cells and solar panels just as several have geothermal systems, mini- and household windmills, wood pellet furnaces, straw furnaces and heat exchangers. In addition to these private investments Langelands Elforsyning (electricity supply) and the heating facilities have invested over 100 million DKK in green energy solutions including windmills and pellet- and sun panel facilities.

On top of that, the local authority has a waste plan for the next 10 years that, when it meets the target, contributes with a reduction of the entire CO2 emissions at about 5200 ton CO2 per year. The plan consists of, among other things, a goal for reusing non-toxic building- and construction waste, recycling paper, glass, cardboard etc. and a plan for reducing the household waste by lending compost containers to the island’s inhabitants.

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