Wild Horses, Museums, Manors and much more


Langeland has many different attractions, so it's easy to find something for everyone.
You can choose from such diverse things as: Cold War Museum, souvenarium, old windmills, manor houses and much more.
Nature can also be an attraction in itself: 141 km beach, cliffs, forests and bird sanctuaries.

Tranekær gamle slotsby

The Village at Tranekær Castle

Tranekær is unique - it resembled a German princely state

The Medicine Gardens

The Medicine Gardens in Tranekær

Did you know that horseradish is antiseptic?


As a guest, you will experience the special peace and quiet 

Vilde Heste på Langeland

Wild Horses

The wild horses live in a flock with 70-80 horses

Langelands mange forskellige museer


Langeland has museums for everyone

Visit an Old Windmill

It is told, that through the ages, there have been 31 mills on Langeland.

The Langelandsfort

How big is the toilet in a submarine? Want to find out?

Langelands slotte og herregårde

Castles and Manor Houses

A part of the history of Langeland

Oldtidsminder på Langeland

Prehistoric Monuments

Everywhere on Langeland's You can find ancient monuments - some accessible some not.

Visit a Farm

Experience life on a farm